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5 Star Camps

Variety - Excellent - Nurturance - Trust - Adventure

Our History

5-Star Camps evolved from Sean Hopper’s 35-year relationship with both the Founder and the Principal of Venta Preparatory School. Much of Sean’s personal growth and educational experience has been shaped by the philosophy of these two knowledgable ladies. As a teenager Sean already knew that his vocation was to work with children. Because he was given the opportunity to purchase a portion of Venta Preparatory School’s property, 5-Star Camps is now a reality. We are grateful that Venta has been generous in allowing us the use of their incredible facilities during the summer months.

Our Future

We are well on our way to meeting our primary objective which is to create a fun-filled environment that nurtures the evolving needs of children. Over the next few years we plan to expand into a multi-camp system that will offer a wide range of camp experiences: everything from sport-specific enrichment, to arts and leadership camps. While these camps will focus on different activities, they will all be based on our 5-Star philosophy of Variety, Excellence, Nurturance, Trust and Adventure. All of our camps will provide the same supportive environment designed to foster personal growth and development.