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Summer Day Camp Programs – Our Vision

You may already have a sense of who we are and what kind of experience we will provide for your child. Our philosophy is what guides our day-to-day sports adventure camp programs based upon the 5-Star Camps principles of Variety, Excellence, Nurturance, Trust, and Adventure.


We offer all the traditional sports adventure camp activities in our beautiful and unique outdoor setting as well as a Music ProgramDance Progam, Art Program, and an Outdoor Leadership Program which allows us to provide a much richer and  more varied experience than is usually possible at a day-camp. Our aim is to offer fun-filled activities and to enable your child to experience new challenges and develop new skills, such as problem-solving, self-discipline and perseverance, in a supportive setting.


At 5-Star Camps, we are committed to providing nothing but the best for your child. From the activities we provide, to the staff we hire, to the equipment we use, we take pride in what we offer. We share your high expectations concerning the care your children receive, and we are committed to making sure these expectations are met.


One of our primary goals is to provide an environment that will evolve with your child. We know that children’s developmental needs change as they grow and we want to support those needs. From learning basic activity skills and boosting self-confidence for early school-age children, to learning skills of leadership and working with others at the pre-teen age, we aim to provide a camp experience that responds to the varying needs and interests of children of different ages. 5 Star Camps’ warm, enthusiastic and dedicated staff is committed to providing a nurturing environment that fosters personal growth and encourages a whole lot of summer camp fun!


Trust in oneself and in others is vital to healthy emotional and social development. Our aim is to provide an atmosphere of mutual respect and commitment that will allow our campers to relax and enjoy themselves at summer camp, and also to develop the confidence to try something new and occasionally step out of their comfort zones.


5-Star Camps offers something beyond the ordinary. A multi-sport camp does not mean your child will have to play the same sports offered in school! While we certainly will include the tried and true summer camp favourites we also want to provide a new experience: adventure and the opportunity for personal development. The 5-Star summer camp program will take your son or daughter on a journey of self-discovery. Our adventure-based experiential program challenges campers to take risks and to redefine their own limits. Our program features a low ropes course and also includes the famous game of “Survival” as well as a range of other individual and group challenge activities.