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Safety/Emergency Policies

Star_point2Sign-in/Sign-out Policy

At 5-Star Camps, your child’s safety is always our primary concern. At the beginning and end of the day, it is our policy that you sign your child in and out. The person signing your child in or out will be required to provide photo identification. On your registration form, you are asked to list up to four people who may sign your child in or out.

Weather Policies

Please be sure to visit our website daily for quick weather information. We have the following guideline to help protect our campers from the effects of heat and sun:

We ask that all campers wear a hat and light coloured clothing, as well as bring a water bottle and waterproof sunscreen.

Please have your child apply waterproof sunscreen at home prior to coming to camp. Sunscreen reminders are made throughout the day and counsellors will supervise the younger campers in the application of sunscreen.

On very hot days we will reduce the intensity of our activities and spend more time in the pool or doing water-based and/or indoor activities in one of our many air-conditioned buildings. Dehydration can occur quickly on very hot days. When a child is thirsty, it usually means he/she is already on the way to being dehydrated. We encourage the children to take frequent water breaks,and we give ample opportunity for breaks from activities. We also ask that parents be sure that their children are well hydrated before they come to camp in the morning.


Our Counsellors will administer medication to your child provided that you first complete our“Personal and Health Information Form”. This form provides for us the necessary information to ensure that we administer medication properly. It also gives our Counsellors permission to do so. We are unable to administer any medication unless this form is completed first.

We strongly encourage parents of children with serious health concerns such as severe allergies leading to anaphylactic shock, severe asthma, seizure disorders and diabetes, etc., to have proper identification on the camper (i.e. Medic-Alert bracelet) at all times.

Severe Allergies

Given the frequency of life-threatening allergies in the population today all our staff members are trained in First Aid and CPR and they all know how to properly respond to an anaphylactic reaction. If your child has a severe allergy and carries an Epi-pen, please complete the“Personal and Health Information Form”.

Nut-Free Camp

Similar to many schools and organizations in the Ottawa/Carleton area, our camp has adopted a strict “nut-free” policy. We ask that parents be sure not to pack any products containing nuts. If your child has a nut allergy, please be sure to indicate this on the registration form and take proper precautions including having your child carry his/her epi-pen at all times.

Star_stopDiscipline and Code of Behaviour

At 5-Star Camps we encourage an environment of mutual respect for all campers and staff. We have a policy of no foul language, including no rude/offensive t-shirts, and we do not tolerate bullying of any kind.

Problematic behaviour is typically dealt with by placing the child in a time-out. In cases of repeated discipline problems, we will involve parents. In some ongoing cases campers will be asked to leave, and no refund will be provided. Possession of illicit substances including drugs, alcohol and/or weapons will result in immediate expulsion and again, no refund will be provided.